Since gaining access to new services, Addy’s eating and sleeping have improved immensely! This has improved all of our quality of life! We are very grateful for the opportunity to receive this specialized care Addy needs to function at her best! Thank you.

Kids in Need is a wonderful resource in the community that goes above and beyond to help out in any way possible! We are so grateful for their assistance and generosity!

When we received the grant, it was so appreciated and helpful to us. Quinn’s biggest struggle has been feeding related. We used funds to support participation in OT services with Laura Paquette. Quinn made great gains, and it was huge to see the progress she made – feeding and non-feeding. Easing the financial burden was a huge blessing to our family and allowed us to focus on therapy, rather than trying to juggle competing financial items.

The grant provided my client’s family with much needed financial relief for the placement she is in. There is no funding resources for residential placement of kid, so Kids in Need definitely is a much needed resource for our community!

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