Tom & Roz Hundt

2006 Commodore

Tom Hundt and First Mate Roz Hundt

Commodore Career: Dept. of Army Civilian

Commodore Date of Birth: 9.24.1948

Commodore Hometown: Bangor, WI

Siblings in order: Jim Hundt, Tom Charlie Hundt, Pete Hundt

First Mate Career: Patient Liaison
First Mate Date of Birth: 9.29.1956
Hometown: Holmen, WI
Siblings in order: Kay Wilhite, Cheri Everson, Roz Children 1: Brad Hundt (1973)

Spouse: Kelly Hundt (1979) Grandchildren: Bryden (2004), Brant (2006)

Children 2: Danielle Spors (1975) Grandchildren: Khloe (2000), Kael (2003) Children 3: Jessica Hundt (1993)
Date of Marriage: 7.3.1993

How did you and your partner meet? Blind date.
First Mate Hobbies and Interests: Decorating, gardening,

and walking.

First Mate Community Involvement: Supports Tom with Freedom Honor Flight, Memorial Day flagging, Rotary Lights, and church activities.

One thing on your Bucket List: Roz: retirement.

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