Mike & Joyce Diveley

2014 Commodore

Mike Diveley and First Mate Joyce Diveley

Commodore Career: Electrical Contractor Commodore Date of Birth: 4.11.1952 Commodore Hometown: Aurora, IL Siblings in order: Tim, 2 years younger First Mate Career: ARC Designer

First Mate Date of Birth: 7.12.1952

Hometown: Aurora, IL

Siblings in order: Jim Stegmann, 3 years older; Jerry Stegmann, 5 years younger

Children 1: Jamie DesJardins (1978) Spouse: Matt DesJardins

Grandchildren: Haley (2007), McKenna (2010) Children 2: Wendy Hessler (1981)

Spouse: Michael Hessler

Grandchildren: Leah (2008), Patrick (2009), Anna (2013)

Date of Marriage: 8.4.1973

How did you and your partner meet? High school sweethearts.

Commodore Hobbies and Interests: Baseball, Chicago Cubs fan, sports, travel.

Commodore Community Involvement: Volunteer Board of Directors Rotary Lights; Irishfest Board of Directors and co-founder; Hilltopper Rotary, Onalaska; Logger Host Family for first 10 years (2003-2013); Shamrock Club; electrician to multiple area festivals, softball, one of the founders of Riverfront.

First Mate Hobbies and Interests: Pottery as my second career, animal lover, baseball fan.

First Mate Community Involvement: City of Onalaska long range plan (1992-2012), Centering Onalaska (1996- 2017), Chairman and Board of Directors for Irishfest, Logger Host Family, Former Girl Scout Leader (1983- 1995).

Interesting Family History: Born and raised in Illinois, we are Chicago sports fans: Cubs, Bears, Bulls, Hawks. Moved to La Crosse in 1974 for Mike to go to grad school and never went back. Both daughters are Aquinas and UW-Eau Claire grads.

Tell the story of how you were asked to be a Commodore and First Mate: At the time, Shenanigans was offering to be a sponsor for the Wee Folks at Irishfest. Joyce was asked to give a presentation to Shenanigans and Riverfest for donations.

One thing on your Bucket List:

Mike: it’s been done: the Cubs winning the World Series. Would like to see the Northern Lights.

Joyce: maybe create a public piece of art for a park in Onalaska.

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