Mark & Peg Schneider

2010 Commodore

Mark Schneider and First Mate Peg Schneider

Commodore Career: Heating and Air Conditioning Commodore Date of Birth: 9.19.1943
Commodore Hometown: La Crosse, WI
Siblings in order: Hank, Paul, Larry, Leo

First Mate Date of Birth: 4.5.1945

Hometown: La Crosse, WI

Siblings in order: Joan, Jerry, Sue, Dick, Carol

Children 1: Mark Spouse: Kim

Grandchildren: Nathan, Carson, Ryanne Children 2: Rick
Grandchildren: Rylan, Teagan, Jansen
Children 3: Katie

Spouse: Nate Woolever Grandchildren: Jackson, Jonathan, Margaret

Date of Marriage: 7.3.1965
How did you and your partner meet? At the Rustic Bar.

Commodore Hobbies and Interests: Golf, hunting, fishing, family cabin.

Commodore Community Involvement: Causeway, Meals on Wheels, Aquinas, Blessed Sacrament, Warming Center.

First Mate Hobbies and Interests: Golf, spending time with grandkids.

First Mate Community Involvement: Meals on Wheels, Red Cross, Warming Center, church.

Interesting Family History: Schneider Heating is into its third generation and the fourth is knocking at the door.

Tell the story of how you were asked to be a Commodore and First Mate: Called me on speaker phone when I was in bed in Florida. No trick questions.

One thing on your Bucket List: Train ride out west.

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