Herb & Lorrayne French

1998 Commodore

Herb French and First Mate Lorrayne French

Commodore Career: Bank Officer Commodore Date of Birth: 5.20.1944 Commodore Hometown: La Crosse, WI First Mate Career: Accountant

First Mate Date of Birth: 10.12.1945 Hometown: La Crosse, WI
Siblings in order: Mary, Sherry, Mel, Rob Children 1: Barbara

Children 2: Leigh Flynn
Spouse: Deron Flynn

Grandchildren: Jackson, Rayna, Salli Date of Marriage: 3.20.1965

How did you and your partner meet? College; UW-La Crosse

Commodore Hobbies and Interests: Sports memorabilia collections.

Commodore Community Involvement: Before retirement: CMN, Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors, UW-L Quarterback Club, LACVB, RSVP, Riverfront, Bethany St. Joe, United Way, Coulee Region Bankers.

First Mate Hobbies and Interests: Golf.
First Mate Community Involvement: RSVP Board,


Interesting Family History: Father served 14th Air Corp, WWII. Spent summers in Oklahoma with grandparents.

Tell the story of how you were asked to be a Commodore and First Mate: Randy Eddy asked me to attend Central Alumni Association meeting for fundraising purposes. After a lengthy explanation from me, Randy held a sign asking me to be Commodore for 1998.

One thing on your Bucket List: Recovery from stroke. Watch grandkids graduate from high school, college, and raise their families.

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