Bill & Tari LaRue

2019 Commodore

Bill LaRue and First Mate Tari LaRue

Commodore Career: Locknet Managed IT a division of EO Johnson

Commodore Date of Birth: August 5th 1963 Commodore Hometown: LaCrescent Siblings in order: Bob, Brian, Sharon & Nancy First Mate Career: Domestic Engineer

First Mate Date of Birth: November 2nd 1965 Hometown: La Crosse
Siblings in order: Shawn
Children 1: Nick (27), 1991

Spouse: Jenna Grandchildren: Not yet!

Children 2: Jared (25), 1993 Children 3: Ashley (19), 1999 Children 4: Alyson (19), 1999 Date of Marriage: 10.22.1988

How did you and your partner meet? It was a Monday night in downtown La Crosse having a beer with a friend at the Corner Stone Bar as I was leaving for a new job the next day in Antigo, WI. Tari & a few friends had been out to dinner & stopped for a drink. We introduced ourselves as we were the only people in the bar. After chatting for a while, being a DJ, I jumped up and turned on the music and asked her to dance. Little did she know I played numerous slow songs so we could keep dancing & talking. Ironically Tari’s friend wrote a note (on the back of a Bartels & James table tent) while we danced, wondering “if this man sweeping her off her feet was Mr. Right”…we still have that note that is a reminder of our beginning.

Commodore Hobbies and Interests: Family, Church, Fishing, Hunting, Walking, Hiking, Hockey, Skiing & Biking.

Community Involvement: Rotary, Interact (High School Rotary), Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Children’s

Museum, Onalaska High School Hockey Coach, Atomic Ice fishing Derby, Ducks Unlimited, Meals on Wheels, Youth Mission Trips.

First Mate Hobbies and Interests: Spending time with family, walking, hiking, skiing, playing games & cards, travel, mission work.

First Mate Community Involvement: Numerous church activities (church council, Sunday school teacher, Sunday school superintendent), food shelf, meals on wheels, Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) children’s leader, numerous school involvements, hurricane relief mission trip, youth work camp adult volunteer.

Interesting Family History: Grandfather Leon LaRue in 1940 sang with the Milwaukee Opera and his pianist was Władziu Valentino Liberace, yes the Liberace.

Tell the story of how you were asked to be a Commodore and First Mate: I was asked to a meeting by Pat Stephens to talk with a few others on a possible fundraiser for the Central High School Interact club. We met at Merchants bank in Onalaska with Steve Christiansen and Dave Erickson. We started to talk about what Interact was and how I was involved when Pat thought that a few more folks should hear about this. Well in starts to walk a bunch of guys and I started to notice a theme as I knew most all of them and that they were all commodores. I thought no way this is not happening to me, I was to say humbled and a little overwhelmed when they asked!

One thing on your Bucket List! Tari; visit the Holy Land. Bill; fish in a professional bass tournament.

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