Art & Sheryl Lotz

1986 Commodore

Art Lotz and First Mate Sheryl Lotz

Commodore Career: Mr. D’s Restaurant & Bakery
Commodore Date of Birth: 10.13.1947
Commodore Hometown: Westby, WI
Siblings in order: Ruth, Robert
First Mate Career: Mr. D’s
First Mate Date of Birth: 4.27.1948
Hometown: Winona, MN
Siblings in order: 8 brothers and sisters
Children: We have 6 children between the two of us and
11 grandchildren.
Date of Marriage: We have been together for 19 years.
Commodore Hobbies and Interests: Nasa, DNR-US Fish
& Wildlife, scuba diving, hunting, fishing, golf.
One thing on your Bucket List: We did a lot of traveling
to go scuba diving: Beliza, Venezuela, Figi Islands, Mexico,

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