Burt & Joyce Morris

1985 Commodore

Burt Morris and First Mate Joyce Morris

Commodore Career: Lockmaster, Lock & Dam –
Dresbach, US Army Corps of Engineers
Commodore Date of Birth: 2.28.1926; Died 5.3.2009
Commodore Hometown: La Crescent, MN
Siblings in order: Jackie
First Mate Career: Wife, Mother
First Mate Date of Birth: 11.17.1931; Died 12.10.2011
Hometown: La Crescent, MN
Children 1: Scott
Children 2: Julie Bieneck
Children 3: Carolyn
Date of Marriage: 1951
How did you and your partner meet? Wedding dance,
1949. She came with another date and left with Burt.
Commodore Hobbies and Interests: Travel, cards,
writing, reading.
Commodore Community Involvement: American
Legion, church, Riverfest, Freedom Honor Flight, Rotary
First Mate Hobbies and Interests: Music, cooking,
sewing, travel, cards, casino.
First Mate Community Involvement: Rotary Lights,
Interesting Family History: Burt had a photographic
memory. Brother Jackie drowned at age 13 at a Boy Scout
camp in Genoa.

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